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Koshiki Panamerica is devoted to the promotion of koshiki karate in the Americas. Its goal is to support regularly scheduled meetings of martial artists from all styles by promoting their participation in local and international tournaments that are safe and respectful of the Olympian spirit.

In order to support and facilitate the participation within its network of tournaments, Koshiki Panamerica will avail itself as an intermediary to promote the access to referee seminars and practical training courses of koshiki karate.

Koshiki Pan America cooperates with the World Koshiki Karatedo Federation (www.koshiki.org) in a trans-continental development perspective yet without interfering with the national organizations.

Koshiki Panamerica assumes no liability and/or responsibility in connection with the organization of any tournaments. Public, private, regional and/or national associations, which support this network to promote Koshiki Karate in the Americas.

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